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Before a company can attract investment from private or public sources, or before a company can be sold or acquired it will need to be valued. There is no single way to value a business - it is an art rather than a science and will depends on many factors including the age of the business, the industry within which it operates and the reason for the valuation.

After considering these issues, the most appropriate approach to valuing a business will be selected - this could be earnings based, cash flow based, asset based or dividends based. Somethings a combination fo these approaches is required.

haysmacintyre assists companies and their advisers in determining the most appropriate valuation approach and in undertaking the relevant field and analysis work to provide the required valuations. We also perform significant due diligence work, where we might be checking and confirming valuations prepared by other advisers.

Our expertise in valuations is now applicable to financial reporting as well. Under International Accounting Standards companies are required to value intangible assets acquired as part of business combinations. IFRS 3 is a complex standard and we are able to advise on the implications and assist you in the valuation. Please see our data sheet on IFRS 3 business combinations.