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Acquiring another business – whether at home or abroad – can be a risky, time consuming and expensive business. Our aim is to help minimise the risk, time and cost by providing expert professional advice whilst ensuring fast and effective completion.

Some companies want help with their overall business and financial strategy which we can provide. If you need help when seeking an acquisition target, we have strong links in both domestic and international markets to assist in the process and initiate an approach.

Companies usually need help in assimilating and analysing a large amount of information both during the exploratory phase and during the due diligence process once the deal starts to take shape. You might also need help in negotiating the terms, financing the deal, structuring the transaction, valuing the assets and complying with any regulatory issues that might apply.

The acquisition process can take a significant amount of management time so we help as much as possible by developing a project plan that shows what must be done and when, providing assistance with those areas where either your skills or time demand it and managing the process to ensure a rapid outcome. We provide ongoing support to help the acquired company become integrated – particularly in terms of its accounting and financial reporting systems.

We have acted for a number of acquisitions in the media and property sector recently – please see details of our recent due-diligence assignment by clicking here.