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Internal Audit

In the present and future business environment, the Internal Audit function can no longer retain the traditional, transaction-based role.

The need to react more quickly in today’s technology-driven, global marketplace means a company must be fast, flexible and responsive to change to enable it to achieve its strategic goals.

Internal Audit has the potential to be one of the most influential and value-adding services available to the Board. It is critical in identifying opportunities, risks and exposures that can determine success or failure.

We can help you transform your internal audit department by making it more risk-focussed - aligning the internal audit effort with the risks which threaten the achievement of the business objectives and corporate mission.

We will provide you with a tailored strategic approach to help you identify and understand specific operational and financial risks; to define the level of risk your company is willing to accept; and to identify and focus on the opportunities available to your company.